Philosophical Misfit Jaden Smith's Most WTF Ramblings

Jaden's expansive philosophies on individualism expand into his gender breaking fashion choices. [Photographed by Olivia Malone]
If our eyes aren't real, how are you reading this? Only Jaden can know the answer.
Jaden and Willow's musical collabs are infused with philosophical fire. [Roger Kisby for Getty Images]
The world may try to break down Jaden into a box, but he will transcend and probably transform into a phoenix because he's Jaden Smith.

Existentialist Extraordinaire Jaden Smith is back with a new video that lives up to his reputation for spouting off ideas that have polarized the Internet—e.g. debating unlearning and Prana energy or explaining that eyes aren’t real. His new video is shot in black and white on a desolate street by a videographer whose mom has probably grounded him by now for not telling her he ran away to interview Jaden Smith. The Beats 1 DJ and rising star of the Smith clan packed a lifetime of advice into the five and a half minute video while Spooky Black’s “Take The Blame So I Don’t Have To” loops in the background. Milk Made writer and Jaden Smith aficionado Chris Thomas is here to dissect the best bits from his new video and look back on Jaden’s most influential, existential, and absolutely nonsensical moments over the past few years.

MSFTS is Finding Yourself Through Divergent Individuality

Part clothing brand and part lifestyle, Jaden created MSFTS as a creative outlet in 2013 and, until now, had never directly addressed what exactly a “misfit” is for him. With a rebranding as MSFTSrep (short for MSFTS Republic) and a relaunched website, Jaden was eager to explain the brand.

"It is a vehicle to find yourself. I’m going to do this, so that through this and this group of people I can find myself. If you want to follow us, follow us. That’s cool, you can be just like us. But only because you’re going to find yourself through that."

You do you and maybe you do other people but through that you find you. You know? It’s about nonconformity to society and a commitment to discovering who you are without restrictions.

Lighting Up Stairs in the Darkness

A few minutes into the video, Jaden shifts gears and explains individuality and mimicry with the analogy (and Drake namedrop) that’s been spreading across the Internet.

“Think of life as stairs, and they’re all dark. Once you take that step in the dark and you find a stair, it lights up. If Drake is over here and he finds a stair and it lights up, I’m not gonna be an idiot and say, ‘oh, I’m only gonna use my stairs.’” Jaden explains. “I don’t care about the stairs! All I care about is going higher… if you’re not allowed to use other people’s ideas, why are they even on the same planet?”

Basically, we live on the planet together as one collective unit but we maintain our individuality in every movement of our lives. By observing and using other peoples’ style, we achieve a higher level of being. Observe, reflect, and climb that stairway to creative heaven. Ascend with Jaden and light up the darkness so others can follow.

The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Tweet Philosophy

At its peak, Jaden’s twitter page was synonymous with the existential ramblings of a kid who wasn’t just thinking outside the box—he was thinking outside of the universe. Among his most profoundly confusing tweets are these gems:

“If A Cup Cake Falls From A Tree How Far Away Will It Be From Down. #Jupiter”

“You Can Discover Everything You Need To Know About Everything By Looking At Your Hands.”

“When You Live Your Whole Life In A Prison Freedom Can Be So Dull.”

Just as the world was starting to drink the Jaden Smith Kool-Aid, he suddenly deleted his Twitter without explanation—prompting a panicked outcry from his fans. A month later, he reemerged and suddenly the Internet could collectively stop panicking and go back to trying to decipher his cryptic tweets.

Babies Remember Prana Energy

In the past year of crazy Jaden Smith ramblings, his interview with sister Willow for the NYTimes is the holy grail of what-the-fuckery. The cosmic duo discussed climbing trees, breathing through your stomach, unlearning things from normal school, and imprinting themselves on the world. It was a philosophical slide into the minds of two of hip hop’s most divisive thinkers. Oh, and it gave the Internet this Jaden gem:

“Because your mind has a duality to it. So when one thought goes into your mind, it’s not just one thought, it has to bounce off both hemispheres of the brain. When you’re thinking about something happy, you’re thinking about something sad. When you think about an apple, you also think about the opposite of an apple.”

From Twitterverse explorations to Youtube ramblings, Jaden Smith has established himself as one of the most profoundly introspective young celebrities of our generation. Whether you find his rants to be madness or mind-altering, Jaden’s words are undoubtedly divisive. Now climb those stairs, think about the opposite of apples, and embrace your inner MSFT.

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