These modeling agencies are re-defining beauty standards

There’s a new face in fashion and no it’s not another stick thin leggy blonde. It official, the world of modeling is changing and conventional standards of beauty just don’t cut it anymore. With all of these alt-models making waves with their nontraditional looks, here comes a plethora of modeling agencies who challenge ideas of beauty every day.

Apple Model Management

In the past few years alone, Andreja Pejic and Lea T. have managed to take the fashion industry by storm, so it’s no wonder that more modeling agencies have started to sign their own striking trans beauties. Apple Model Management, originally founded in Thailand, became the first modeling agency to sign trans men and women last year. But now, the trailblazing modeling agency has taken its innovative mindset and set up a location in L.A that is exclusively dedicated to trans models. Currently, they represent 6 talents, but are looking for more, so if you think you have what it takes, check ‘em out here.

Lorde Inc

There continues to be a lack of diversity in the modeling world. At the Spring 2015 New York Fashion Week, a whopping 79% of models were white– a statistic that was considered low compared to other fashion weeks across the globe. Racial discrimination has historically plagued the fashion industry, but 26 year old Nafisa Kaptownwala isn’t going to let race continue to define beauty. The Canadian Art History graduate decided to take this matter into her own hands when she founded Lorde Inc., a modeling focused entirely on men and women of color. The agency, which is the first of its kind, is currently home to 60 models, who, along with their fearless founder, are working daily to bring a different face to fashion.

Ugly Models

Besides good looks, this agency thinks that their models need to have good personalities. Ugly, an agency that’s been around since 1969 is home to over 1000 self-described ‘wacky and peculiar’ looks. Their website even reads, "We like our women fat and our men geeky, we like the extremely tall and the shockingly small. No one is too abstract for our books! We are Ugly. And we are the leaders in character modeling.” The agency even represents the tallest man on earth, who is a gnarly 8 foot 1, as well as models of all ages, ranging from 18 all the way to 100. Apparently their faces have even been cast in Skittles commercials and James Bond movies, evidently giving ‘Ugly’ a new look.

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