Your Guide to the Summer's Most Offbeat Art Shows

Terrifyingly mesmerizing, imagine this in 3D at Harmonium Mountain
Sadly, this is actually inedible... 'Everything' indeed
Just a chillin' in a super casual watermelon costume at the Alien Sex Club, you know?
A couple hanging out on the streets of Biel at the Body and Freedom Festival
Not everyone is cut out for the living picture life, George Michael.

They say art never sleeps, which thankfully means that there are always tons of cool exhibits to go to. And with the summer heat being as unforgiving as ever, visiting a gallery is a perfect way to chill out. We’ve got your guide to immersing yourself in some of the best, most unexpected things the art world has to offer:

NYC Welcomes Statues of Breakfast Gods – Bagels

America may run on Dunkin’, but New Yorkers know that the real secret to surviving mornings is a fresh bagel. Artist Hanna Liden has paid tribute to the breakfast staple by erecting two bagel statues around the city for her project, ‘Everything.’ No doubt everyone digs that doughy goodness, but Liden believes that bagels are, “a great icon of urban living.” After being in New York for so long, we at Milk Made couldn’t agree more.

Get a taste of ‘Everything’ at Hudson River Park and Ruth Wittenberg Plaza til October 20th.

View a Mountain of Sound in Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s boutta get trippy with Clifford Ross’ new art installation, ‘Harmonium Mountain.’ The multi-screened behemoth will combine 3D animated landscape photography with the sounds of the Orchestra of St. Luke’s. The program features works ranging from masters of classical music to modern film composers. Talk about sensory overload.

Take it all in at ‘Harmonium Mountain’ on July 30th in Prospect Park.

Switzerland Festival Celebrates Everyone’s Nudes

You want nudes? Switzerland’s got you covered. Say hello to The Body and Freedom Festival, the world’s first art fest dedicated to nakedness. Taking place in the town of Biel, the two day event is an attempt at breaking down reservations on nudity and celebrating natural bodies. The festival’s initiator, Thomas Zollinger argued, “Today everything that can be shown and performed in galleries or theaters may also be shown and performed in urban spaces—only the naked body seems to remain a taboo.”

Show off your stuff for the Body and Freedom Festival in Biel on August 21st & 22nd.

Get Lost in London’s Alien Sex Club

Back in the 80s (long before Grindr came to be), sex clubs and gay saunas were the way people went lookin’ for love. John Walters, British multimedia artist, is paying homage to these places with his new project, the ‘Alien Sex Club.’ The installation explores the visual culture surrounding sex, emulating a colorfully loud ‘cruise maze.’ But the focus isn’t just running around an interactive maze, it’s also about raising HIV awareness, a huge factor into the LGBT culture of the 1980’s and ’90s. By collaborating with HIV specialists, Walters hopes to raise awareness about the illness and sexual safety, all while bringing a fun edge.

Take a peek at the ‘Alien Sex Club’ at Ambika P3 from now till August 14th.

California Masters the Art of the Living Picture

If you’re a fan of Arrested Development, you’re going to like this. Laguna Beach’s ‘Pageant of the Masters’ is back to show y’all how to strike and hold a pose. Known for its performances of "living pictures," the event showcases people emulating the characters of iconic works of art for 90-second performances. This tradition has been going on since 1933 and has gotten so big that volunteers now apply to be chosen for the sacred spots. George Michael, take a seat and watch how it’s done.

Check out the ‘Pageant of the Masters’ in Laguna Beach from now till August 21st.

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