LSD Sunglasses Are the Ultimate Accessory

You know when you’re listening to some psychedelic trance shit and you wish you were tripping, but you don’t have any LSD handy? Well, lucky you, it’s 2015 and now you can buy some sunglasses that’ll do the drug’s work. Bence Agoston, a Hungarian artist, has created Mood, 3D-printed sunglasses which simulate the visual experience of drug-induced hallucinations.

The shades are simple: round, Elton John-esque frames with six interchangeable, circular lenses. They’re perfect accessories to show the world that you’re all about “hugs not drugs,” but you’re still chill af. The lenses have patterns on them that confuse the eye, similar to the Moiré effect. You might remember those Moiré patterns from optical illusion books you might have seen as a kid (anyone remember Magic Eye?). The frames have three ridges so you can mix and match the pieces any way you like – no two trips will ever be the same.

But if seeing the world through acid-tinted glasses 24/7 isn’t your thing, you can insert clear lenses and assimilate yourself back into society once you’re off your high. No one will have to know you laid on your floor for hours listening to records and fiddling with colored lenses.

Maybe it’s time to switch those dark, tinted Ray-Bans for something with a bit more color. Music festivals, or even your morning commute, will never be the same. Far out, man.

Photos via artist’s website

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