Gay Men can Now Volunteer w/ Boy Scouts but there's a catch

Let’s hear it for the boys. After the historic same-sex marriage ruling was announced back in June, another victory for the LGBT community has just been announced. On Monday, the Boy Scouts of America revealed that they will now include gay troop leaders and counselors. But hold your applause, there’s a catch.

While the Boy Scouts lifted the gay scout leader ban, they stated that they will still allow scouting groups to pick candidates that share the same morals. This seems fair enough, until you realize that 70% of the camps are sponsored by conservative religious groups.

Basically, gay people are technically allowed to volunteer with the organization, but could still be rejected based on sexual orientation if it goes against the religious morals of a particular scouting group.

Robert Gates, president of the Boy Scouts, has repeatedly said that this new policy is out of necessity rather than principle. “We must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be,” Gates told Scouts at the annual national meeting in Atlanta. Aww.

After seeing how the Girl Scouts embraced their trans-inclusive policy, even going as far to reject a $100,000 donation that banned trans-girls, (don’t worry — they earned triple the amount once the story was released and an Indiegogo page was set up to match the donation), this seems a little bittersweet.

Is this progress? I guess, but true progress was back in 2013 when the Boy Scouts allowed all gay youth to join. It’s great that a historic organization that is so deeply rooted in American culture is finally accepting gay leaders. If only they were as excited about it as the rest of us are.

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