NY Magazine Site hacked as Bill Cosby article published

Thirty five women posed for the cover of New York Magazine with one thing in common — each has come forward with a rape accusation against Bill Cosby. The magazine posted the powerful cover and story on Sunday night, but before the public could read it, the site was hacked.

The hacker, who identified himself as ThreatKing, revealed that he hacked the site out of hatred of the city, rather than for the contents of the magazine. He claimed that he hadn’t even seen the cover.

It gets weirder. ThreatKing, who occasionally goes by Vikingdom16 on various social media accounts, explained his motive: after a visit to NYC went awry, he sought revenge.

“We are going to destroy state websites, city websites, agency websites and court websites of the United States. You have took away our country and it’s time to get it back by destroying the United States,” he said in a recorded message on Soundcloud.

Luckily, the magazine’s website was restored by 2 PM and is now functioning normally. It’s too odd of a coincidence that the site was hacked the day the potentially most-revealing story about the Bill Cosby rape allegations was published. Although the website was inaccessible for hours, the magazine was still able to post the article on their Tumblr and Instagram. We commend New York Magazine for distributing such a powerful piece and proving that any efforts to cover up injustice will not be silenced.

Photos by Amanda Demme

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