Florence + The Machine's New Vid is Not Here For Violent Men

If Mother Nature were an English red haired songstress with an otherworldly voice, her name would be Florence Welch. Even before Florence and the Machine cracked open the gates of heaven and blessed the world with their newest album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, they were busy releasing a string of visually arresting videos to accompany the new songs. The steady stream of videos culminated in this week’s ten minute Vincent Haycock-directed video that combines two songs from the new EP—Queen of Peace and Long & Lost.

Continuing the ongoing Odyssey visual saga that she created for the new album, the new video opens with a juxtaposed scene of adult and child versions of Florence struggling to pacify a barrage of angsty men who are beating the shit out of each other Fight Club-style on a cliff off the coast of Scotland on the isle of Easdale. While she hugs and sings into the ears of the men encircled around a badly beaten man, the video flashes in and out of alternating timelines of abuse against him as both a boy and a man. Try as she might, Florence ultimately cannot save him and is whisked away on a ship in the latter half of the video as the songs switch and a gruff Scottish narrator laments about violence, love, and the sea.

Throughout the series, there is a striking social commentary on the hopelessness of heteromasculine aggression that no amount of womanly loving influence can tame. It’s a feminist anthem for the feminists who have lost hope that men can break free of their primal urge for inflicting pain upon the world. The narrative isn’t exclusive to the newest video but rather is an extension the entire Odyssey saga.

With no word on when the video series will end, it’s a safe bet that Florence will roll out at least one more chapter exploring love, loss, and pain before the Odyssey ends. For now, catch up on Chapter One, Two, and Three and embrace your inner Earth mother as you flail around to Florence’s ethereal music.

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