One Mexican Town's Rainbow Dream Makeover

Paul Cézanne once said, "We live in a rainbow of chaos," but he clearly wasn’t talking about the new hillside mural in Pachuca, Mexico. The town recently got a makeover with the help of youth group, the German Crew, led by street artist Mibe. The group changed a hillside facade into a breathtaking rainbow mural, taking “paint the town red” to a whole different level (and with a few more colors).

Titled ‘El Macro Mural Barrio de Palmitas,’ the 65,000 square foot mural was commissioned for the Mexican government’s project to rehabilitate the town’s poorer district of Palmitas. Famous for their rad street art and graffiti, picking the German Crew was a no-brainer. They painted a similar art piece last year–an elaborate mural that beautified two blocks in Mexico City. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has got nothing on these guys.

The Palmitas project ended up making a huge impact–it greatly reduced the amount of youth violence and created a number much-needed jobs. And the aesthetic transformation from decrepit clusters of houses into rainbow-slashed hot spot is just the confidence boost this tiny town needs.

Photos courtesy of the German Crew

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