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Cult TV shows are a weird breed of television since they’re kind of an unpremeditated phenomena. But online streaming has allowed a new generation of fans to enjoy a series long after the shows’ original run. Netflix currently streams Mad Men, The X Files and Twin Peaks for a whole new legion of fans to be amazed and occasionally confused. But for all the real die-hard fans, watching each series’ limited episode count isn’t enough — they want more. So here’s a list of a few things you can buy inspired by your favorite TV and film series.

Mad Men Clothing Auction

Everyone loves a man in a good suit as evidenced by Don Draper, who became an unlikely fashion icon as the heart breaking advertising executive in Mad Men. Many have attempted to emulate his style and many have failed. But one lucky bidder could be one step closer. Mad Men recently announced they were auctioning off a variety of memorabilia from the set, including costumes and other props. If you can’t rock a suit, there’s still some casual wear to fawn over. Place your bids here. Good luck and don’t forget to pair the outfit with a glass of whiskey.

Star Wars Sneakers by adidas

adidas x Star Wars is a collaboration no one really saw coming but we’re happy it landed. The German shoe brand recently launched a new campaign allowing users to customize their own sneakers with different metallic hues and laser embellishments inspired by the franchises. But if that doesn’t scratch your intergalactic itch, then pair your new shoes with a shirt from the collection, featuring character favorites like Yoda and Darth Vader.

Breaking Bad Party House up for Sale

If you’ve ever wanted to live like a drug dealer without risking arrest, now is your chance. The historic house that served as the beloved Jesse Pinkman’s party house is up for sale. With the interior left the same way as when it was filmed, this is a fan’s wet dream. For the humble price of $1.6 million you can live like America’s favorite anti-hero. And after you throw a rowdy housewarming, grab a hungover coffee and recover at the Breaking Bad themed coffeeshop. For a good deal, better call Saul!

X Files LEGO That Could’ve Been

This hurts. In anticipation for the reboot of one of the most popular TV series of all time to come, designer Brett Waller recently created a LEGO set based on characters from the hit series including Fox Mulder, Dana Scully and an alien squad. Unfortunately, LEGO chose not to distribute the sets due to the show’s mature theme, which means they’ll probably be auctioned off later for an unholy amount, especially after the show’s star duo posed for a picture with the toys.

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