Shryne: the App that Won't Let You Forget About Your Ex

You know that ex you’re kinda still obsessed with? Imagine throwing all those late-night texts and cute selfies (and maybe nudes) into online storage so you never have to forget a single moment. Ever. Well, there’s a new app out called Shryne that’ll do that for you. It’s like the relationship database you never knew you wanted (for good reason).

It might seem cute at first glance: what a great way to save all your memories with bae! But the problem comes when bae says bye and you’re left with all those easily accessible bittersweet moments. Great for couples, but bad for singles. It teases users with the option to go over every single convo or cry over every adorable photo together. To use the app, you have to link all your social media and texting accounts—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, iMessage, etc—then wait for the app to collect everything. According to the website, “every conversation is synced into one chronological and searchable feed. Users can filter each feed by channel, date, and favorite conversations.”

It’s free on the App Store, but as capitalism has taught us, nothing is truly free. The real price you pay is the unhealthy idolization of a previous flame and the obsessive re-living of a relationship. The app is buzzing all over the Internet, but it’s not just lovesick cynics talking about it, even people in the mental health community are speaking out. Psychologist Jo Hemmings tweeted, “App for scrapbooking your ex’s mails, texts, photos and social media together? Called Shryne?? Better to move on.” Moving on with Shryne? That’s like trying to win an argument on Facebook.

Since most people’s lives are so heavily intertwined with the Internet, relationships moving from the physical realm to the cyber one isn’t much of a surprise. Skype sex, revenge porn, online dating–these are all everyday facets of being online. Now with Shryne in the mix, who knows what dating will look like in ten years? We’ll probably all have holographic shrines of our football-headed exes in our closets.

Photos via No Time For Love and Innen Zines

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