Hong Kong Protesters: 'Breasts Are Not Weapons'

Ng Lai-ying, a 30-year-old woman from Hong Kong, was out protesting against tax evasion when a male police officer allegedly groped her. Instead of punishing the cop for harassing her, a court found Ng guilty of “assaulting a police chief inspector with her breasts,” resulting in a three and a half month conviction. It might be easy to laugh at such an absurd allegation, but this highlights the serious issues of police violence and gender inequality in Hong Kong.

In response to Ng’s conviction, roughly 100 people gathered outside of a Hong Kong police headquarters to protest to show that she wasn’t packing any heat under her shirt. Men and women strapped on multicolored bras over their t-shirts, waved lingerie in the air, and chanted, “Breasts are not weapons!”

“We think it’s very problematic,” Kit Ling, an organizer for the “breast walk,” told Al Jazeera “We have a common understanding that women should feel comfortable to speak out if they feel they’re being attacked. It’s ridiculous to claim that a woman’s breast is a weapon. We can’t imagine why this happened.”

A group of cops tried to sway the rally by warning the crowd that they were breaking the law and could be prosecuted for their actions. Regardless of these scare tactics the protestors carried on and even took to Twitter to help push their cause.

Hopefully this demonstration attracts the public’s attention towards the injustice that was done to Ng and prevents something similar from happening again. This takes #freethenipple to a whole other level.

Photos via Al Jazeera & Getty Images

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