Kevin Bacon & the Movement to Free His Man Meat

We’ve all heard about #FreeTheNipple, the hashtag combating Instagram’s dated and arbitrary policies on the female body. Well, today Kevin Bacon alongside Mashable, have made their own hashtag in a PSA all about the D. #FreeTheBacon, while a cute play on the actor’s name, has also called out Hollywood for disproportionately displaying female bodies with no sweet schlongs in sight. And we’re all for evening the score a little bit.

Kevin Bacon calls out Game of Thrones, Fifty Shades of Grey and My Dog Skip for their lack of dick love. He even offers GOT showrunners an idea, “Let me be on the show, I’ll play a naked wizard or something.” Bacon’s not the only actor who’s looking to show off the man meat. Ewan McGregor has been notoriously free with his bacon along with Tom Hardy, Michael Fassboner (I mean Fassbanger, shoot sorry- Fassbender), and the late great Robin Williams (not to mention Lenny Kravitz’s impressive pants split this week). But the question still remains, why is a penis such a faux pas in the entertainment industry, when the fabled female nipple is free to roam?

The answer is as it always has been: a large part of the film industry aims for the straight, male gaze. Women’s bodies are easily objectified, while male anatomy is ‘uncomfortable’ in our heteronormative society. If you even look at a dick, you’re obviously gay, and that’s somehow bad.

We’re hopeful that celebs will hop aboard this D train to show that their body – and anyone’s body really – is nothing to be ashamed about. Dicks, nipples, vaginas, they’re all natural parts of the human body that we can’t ignore. And why try to hide it? Free the nipple! Free the bacon! Let it all hang out!

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