Take a Cruise in These Colorful Mumbai Cabs

Mumbai is a city known for it’s love of rich and vibrant colors. From sarees to buildings to curry, the city has embraced a bright and inviting palette into their culture, and it doesn’t stop there. Trucks and taxis are also known to scream color and life with their paint jobs, and it’s about to be taken one step further.

Taxi Fabric, a collective of Indian based designers, is going into these beautiful vehicles to give them a total makeover, inside and out. Hoping to promote work for graphic designers, the group has reupholstered five different taxis with the work of five different artists. Each of the fabrics show off the flair of the artist and taxi driver in unique and intricate ways. From the demure black, brown and reds of Lokesh Karekar’s From A Taxi Window – complete with koi fish and pony combo – to the Pranita Kocharekar’s bubble gum pink You & I, which highlights the many walks of life found in Mumbai, there’s a little something for everyone.

The collective has a Kickstarter up for four more days (although it has already been fully funded!) and hopes to expand the project to as many taxis as possible. Check out the cool af cars above to see a sample of the work to come!

Donate to Taxi Fabric’s Kickstarter here

Check out Taxi Fabric’s website here

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