Exclusive: Boysnoize Records Premieres Retrospective Mix!

Once upon a 2005, DJ-producer Alex Ridha, better known as Boys Noize, launched his inimitable music imprint, Boysnoize Records. Ridha has proved to be more than just a techno and electro producer, but a performer capable of fronting for thousands of electronic music lovers around the world. But the gift of production – whether it’s his collaborative effort with Skrillex for Dog Blood or the piano-laden melodies of his joint Octave Minds effort with Chilly Gonzales – is something Ridha has truly mastered. His strengths are among the foundation of Boysnoize Records and subsequent success that’s lead to this year’s landmark ten-year anniversary. Fellow DJ-producer-label head, Gary “Destructo” Richards, who released his debut album Technology via Boysnoize says, “Alex and Boysnoize Records are everything that is right about electronic music. Everything that comes out on the label is made from the heart and soul because Alex believes in it – nothing more, nothing less. If not for BNR I may not have started making music again thanks to the awesome team.”

By way of an inverse roast of both Ridha and Boysnoize Records, Milk spoke to some of his friends (who also double as label mates) about the evolution of BNR and the man behind the label. As an added bonus, BNR signee PILO has created an exclusive, label centric mini mix just for us.


We’re fairly new to the BNR roster. What was immediately noticeable was the atmosphere of positivity. There is support and excitement to let us explore new territories, to let us be ourselves. Their catalog is a reflection of this attitude. We’re excited to be contributing music to a label that shares our love of experimentation and sound.


BNR is like my musical adoptive family. I got signed in 2007, only a couple of months after I produced my very first ‘Trax’ (at the birth of my music career) and it became my life ever since! So you can imagine how much I discovered and learned within this family. Alex was always open-minded to whatever I was heading to next, supportive, caring, and never rushed me into anything. BNR became the school that I had skipped on my first release. It’s been such an amazing eight years of touring, materializing ideas, [and] meeting dope people. I feel so blessed to be part of it.


I love BNR because I love going to the club and getting fucked up to electronic music and big bass; and I love dance music no matter what you call it. I also love BNR because it doesn’t chase trends. It has always been a record label interested in releasing music from artists who know their shit and creates from their heart and soul.

I love creating music that breaks down boundaries and can give the audience a glimpse into something new – a new truth that they could not have imagined on their own. When I was young, I used music the way my parents and grandparents used Christianity. It gave me wisdom, hope, and freedom at times when there was none to be found.


I never look back in the rear view mirror, but from time to time it might be interesting to stop by and realize what happened in your life. Birthday is a good occasion for this. [For] seven years I’ve been part of the BNR adventure and I have nothing but wonderful memories of travels, parties, music, and studio nightshifts. BNR has a strong identity on its own and hosts so many diverse artists which makes it an adventurous indie label. From pop song to weird mutant techno, it has never been a matter of style. As an artist, it’s a total freedom feel and I’m proud to be part of this!


BNR just keeps turning it out! Tried and true, and always ahead of the game!


The game needs labels like BNR risk taking, but still centered around the party. It’s not compromising. It’s not boring house and techno; it’s constantly evolving, it’s raw & fresh like good sashimi! Oh, and I love the designs! Alex has good ears. You can see he still has the passion for seeking out new music. He knows what’s up! I remember back in the days – the early releases, playing on the same bill as Alex and seeing how far the label and the sound have come. I always wanted to release on the label & I’m really proud of my tracks that have appeared on BNR. BNR is the crew!


Boysnoize Records has been a huge part of my life as a DJ and producer. I remember in the early 2000s I would walk into my local record store and see the latest BNR release with its bold font all over the sleeve & would buy it without listening because I knew it was going to be the goods. Alex really set the standard with tracks like “Volta 82” & PUZIQUe’s “Thomas”, then artist like Housemeister, Shadow Dancer, Strip Steve, Djedjotronic, D.I.M., and Siriusmo all followed suite, bringing their own kooky style of ‘noize’ to the label which created the label’s very own sound (not an easy thing to do). I am really proud and honored to have progressed from fan to family member with BNR and cannot wait for the next ten years!

Track list:

1. Strip Steve – The Beast

2. Djedjotronic – Tetris

3. Para One – Animal Style

4. Audionite – Klink Klong

5. Boys Noize – Trooper (Robert Hood Remix)

6. Boys Noize – Jeffer (Modeselektor Remix)

7. Boys Noize – Pur

8. Strip Steve – Work!

9. Shadow Dancer – Parallax

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