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1/13 — Eliza: It's less of a beauty thing and more art to me.



'Go Your Own Way' shot by Adrian Mesko

Being a woman in the 21st century is a fascinating experience. While history often depicts women focusing their energies on appearances, the modern woman knows it’s not always about the pretty face. It’s about the mind behind the makeup that counts. Six better examples of the modern woman could not be found anywhere else but in our latest beauty shoot shot by Adrian Mesko with makeup direction by Frank B.

Sara Rabin is an illustrator capturing all the unique characters on the subway, Saada Ahmed is the host of the most lit brunch you’ve ever heard of, Mari Guidicelli is kicking off her own accessories line, Chinatsu Fukuoka is the lead singer of a band so underground that it doesn’t even have a name, Eliza K. is not damaging the environment with her vegan makeup, and Akua Murray Adoboe is styling music videos and off-Broadway costumes.

While these girls are turning it out in front of the camera, it’s their other passions that are turning heads and helping shape a new generation of girl bosses. We photographed these Milk Girls here at Milk Studios to find out more about their distinct styles, life #goals, and what beauty means to them.


What inspires you to draw?

I’m really interested in people, emotions. I want to be able to draw what people are feeling.

What makes an artist great?

I don’t really see myself as an artist. It’s something I’m working towards, but I’m not sure I’m there yet. If other people see me as an artist I like that more, but for now I don’t know if I can call myself that.

Well, what characteristics do people you consider artists have?

Experience, dedication, motivation. There are things you learn over time and gain as an artist.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

I stopped wearing make up like two years ago. But when I do feel like wearing make up, my rule is eyes or lips, but never both. If I decide to wear it for whatever reason, I never do both.

What would you call your summer style right now?

My style right now is ‘Tom boy I’d like to fuck.’ I’m always so casual and just don’t give a fuck anymore. It’s too hot to [laughs]. When the fall comes I put in a little more effort because I can actually look like I know what I’m doing.

What’s a look that will last forever?

Effortless. I think it’s beautiful to feel beautiful. Even if you have to fake it til you make it, that’s okay. If you don’t have it, but you act like you do it will come through.

Check out Sara’s website here


How did you develop such a natural attitude in front of he camera?

I’ve been a model for 5 years now. I moved from Rio de Janeiro to go to college. Someone found me in the street and since then I’ve been doing it on and off to pay the bills. I just graduated in June and now I’m an accessories designer. I’m coming with my own footwear line.

What’s the most important aspect of a good shoe for you?

Mostly comfort. I’m not a very ‘high heel girl’. Maybe flats or a platform. Very minimal.

What kind of beauty do you feel like will never go out of style?

All natural. I grew up on the beach in Rio. It was all about modest beauty, being yourself and not worrying too much about it. It’s funny because here people will wear a full face of make up to the beach or the pool! I’m all about natural vibes.

When you’re modeling, what makes a photo really good to you?

When I model, I have a really hard time faking a smile. If I’m smiling in a picture it’s because the photographer told me something funny, or I saw something. It has to be a moment of genuine glee.

Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Just be yourself! Walk with complete honesty everyday.

Follow Mari on Tumblr here


Why vegan make up?

Ever since I was 15, it was a moral choice. Now I’ve gotten more into the health benefits and the activism of it.

What are small things people can do to help animals?

Firstly, the diet. Learning to read all of the labels. Even if you thing it’s fine, it could have some kind of by product. It’s hard to identify them because that have strange names, so research too.

Do you have a like motto right now?

Try your best? I don’t know. It’s not really about mottos right now. I’m mostly focusing on self exploration.

What does make up mean to you?

It’s less of a beauty thing and more art to me. I like to do weird lines or get experimental.


What is a perfect brunch plate?

I like eggs Benedict, waffles. I love Southern food, so fried chicken and waffles is it.

What’s the key to a good make up day?

A brow pencil. If your brows are good, the rest will fall into place.

What is a classic beauty to you?

Confidence. Be natural. Be aware of what makes you special and be proud of who you are.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ideally, I want to bring people together. I want to create a sense of community. Whether it’s events or being involved in activism, I want everyone to feel like they belong.

Is there anything you want people to know about you?

I do what I do because New York is very transitive. There’s a lot of ex pats and a lot of different people rolling through at any moment. It can be hard to feel a part of anything here, so I want people to feel a part of something.

Life motto?



How would you describe your personal style?

Whatever. It changes everyday! When I walk outside people like to look at them. When they see me on the subway, they want to draw me. It feels good, so I keep doing what I want to do.

What’s a look that is always beautiful?

Very kitschy! I love accessories! I love punk stuff too.

How do you like to wear your make up?

I like to wear a lot of color, but not too much! I like white and big points. Lipsticks are also very important.

Any advice to the world?

Just be you! Everybody should just be them.


What are the little beauty tricks that make all the difference?

Setting powder or blotting paper. Blotting paper is amazing and disgusting because it’s so transparent at the end! As long as you have a good foundation.

What’s your make up style?

Do you remember those ads with Aaliyah and Kate Hudson? The Tommy girl ads? That meets Rocket Power.

What’s a classic beauty?

I could go two ways here. There’s the ‘inner beauty never goes out of style’ and that’s true! But winged eyeliner and red lips? It’s over, you killed it. Also world peace [laughs].

What’s your dream aesthetic?

90s R&B and hip hop. The music video for ‘Say My Name’. Modernized of course, but all monochromatic and killing it.

What does being an icon mean to you?

I think it goes back to ‘classic beauty.’ Don’t be trendy. Be who you are.

Photography: Adrian Mesko at Defacto Inc

Creative Direction: Paul Bui

Art Direction: Candice Ralph

Make Up Direction: Frank B. at The Wall Group

Styling: Jess Roberts

Make Up: Mariko Arai & Akiko Owada at The Wall Group

Hair: Shingo Shibata

Models: Mari Giudicelli, Chinatsu Fukuoka, Akua Murray Adobe, Eliza K, Saada Ahmed, Sara Rabin

Photography Assistant: Daren Thomas

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