New Aaliyah Music Distracts Us from Frank Ocean Album Delay

On track with the trend of 90s revivals, Timbaland promises a real treat. Over the weekend, the music mogul announced via Instagram that he has new, unreleased material with R&B goddess Aaliyah, and a release is imminent. In the post, he shared a picture of the singer’s face surrounded by clouds and referred to her as “babegirl.” Aw.

Timbaland has been asked numerous times if he was ever going to release any new music from the late singer and often avoided the question. Finally fans are getting the answer they wanted. The groundbreaking producer paired with the star to create some of the most compelling and forward hits of the 90s and early 2000s setting the bar really high for future acts. To this day, few (if any) songs are as astounding as “Are You That Somebody” and “Try Again.” The production is impeccable and paired with Aaliyah’s signature airy vocals, simply flawless.

The singer met a tragic and early end in a plane crash after leaving a music video shoot in Honduras in 2001. But almost 14 years after her death, her legacy grows stronger, being frequently remembered in videos and songs by her peers like Jay Z and Missy Elliott.

This is exciting news for R&B. After the world was snubbed a new Frank Ocean album like we were promised, we need something to look forward to. New tunes from the greatest R&B pairing of all time should suffice nicely.

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