1920s House Poiret Comes Back from the Dead

Fashion never sleeps, and in this case, it doesn’t die either. Paul Poiret, the venerable French brand that ushered in an era of über comfortable style back in the 1910s, is ready to be resurrected into the 21st century. The label was laid to rest decades ago, when newcomers Chanel and Lanvin were going HAM on the Parisian fashion scene. It remained relevant only in the minds of couture chroniclers, fashion historians, and Lost Generation style diehards. Bought by Shinsegae International, a South Korean brand-boosting powerhouse, they’re ready to experience a rise from the ashes.

Paul Poiret himself was a key player in the Parisian fashion, just think of him like an early 1900s Karl Lagerfeld. If you’re not about wearing tight, form-fitting clothes or if you’re the style antithesis of Kim Kardashian, then you can thank this French designer. His label was responsible for chucking the corset in favor of loose drapery and free-flowing silhouettes (thank god). His innovative designs also included turbans, harem pants, and kimonos. It made waves with the Western scene back when everyone was obsessed with the East, but today it has a tone of lowkey cultural appropriation. But they were still a force to be reckoned with.

As part of the Shinsegae family, the iconic brand is in with fashion’s current It Crowd: Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela, and Dolce & Gabbana. According to the CEO of the Korean company, the Paul Poiret house, "bridges fashion with the art world and invented much of what is still taking place in fashion today.” No details are out yet about the actual clothes, but they promise a mix of the old and the new. Dressing like a modern flapper? Sign us up.

The 2020s are just around the corner, so their revival comes at the perfect time. Maybe it’s the second coming of the 1920s. Imagine catching the eye of millennial Jay Gatsby while wearing your signature Paul Poiret gown–dream come true.

Photos via the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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