Straight/Curve Fights Back Against Fashion Sizeism

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is in the midst of a revolutionary shift in acceptance this year. From transgender model superstars and designers to gender neutral fashion brands, the industry notorious for ruthless adherence to beauty standards seems to be evolving on all fronts—except one. Despite all of these gains, thin is still in. The curvy girl revolution is struggling to break down stereotypes but soon, it will have a key ally in the form of a brutally honest film targeting fashion’s blatant sizeism.

Journalist [Jenny McQuaile](Jenny McQuaile) started the doc, called Straight/Curve, as a passion project on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter and is currently looking for funding to finish it in time for a Summer 2016 release. While the fashion industry continues to tout Size 0 as the norm, over two thirds of Americans fall into fashion’s “plus size” bracket. In addition to McQuaile, the film will bring together an all-star cast of models, designers, photographers, stylists, and casting agencies fighting to bring curvy to the forefront of fashion. Produced by 15-year modeling veteran Jess Lewis, the all-star cast also includes models Leah Kelley, Heather Hazzan, Iskra Lawrence, Georgia Pratt; fashion stylist Meaghan O’Connor; writer Lauren Chan; photographer Lily Cummings; groundbreaking agency Jag Models; and more as they fight to change the industry over the next two Fashion Seasons.

The film isn’t content to stop at a size revolution but is instead becoming a feminist powerhouse on and off the camera. On the official Kickstarter page, McQuaile explains the goal of creating an all-female cast and crew “to empower women both in front of, and behind, the camera.” To that goal we give a resounding fuck yeah.

“[The documentary] has the possibility to revolutionise the modelling world by challenging a sizeist fashion industry not only to shatter the stigmatising one-size stereotype but embrace the body diversity that exists among all women,” Kelley says in the preview for the film.

With over a year to go until it’s released, the time is now to join the fight against the industry’s archaic sizing policies and demand a change. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and with Straight/Curve, it’s clear that curvy is the new black.

For more information on the film and how to donate, please visit the official Kickstarter page here.

Photos via Jag Models and the Straight/Curve Kickstarter.

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