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1/6 — Your Patricia Field Wet Dream on The Who’s That Girl Tour – 1987



Bow Down to Madonna's Most Underrated Stage Looks

Over the years, Madonna has commissioned (and helped established) some of the biggest names in fashion, such as Fiorucci and Jean Paul Gaultier. For her latest endeavor, The Rebel Heart Tour (coming September 9th), she’s assembled Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott, Prada and Gucci to design some of her stage outfits. With Wang’s minimal casual aesthetic and Scott’s in-your-face bold graphic masterpieces, the costumes are sure to dazzle. To celebrate the announcement, and the singer’s upcoming 57th birthday (she doesn’t look a day over 50), we’ve listed some of the most underrated stage looks over her 30 year career.

Crazy Knick Knack Dress

This look from the Who’s That Girl Tour is a Patricia Field wet dream. For her first world tour, Madonna worked with designer Marlene Stewart to bring her music video personas to life – this last dress was to challenge critics who thought she took herself too seriously. Nicki Minaj definitely took note for her 2010 VMAs look. From the Ms. Frizzle glasses to fruit bowl top hat to the miscellaneous crap pasted onto her bustier, this look assures the world that she’ll aways beat them to the punchline.

Pre-Heroin Chic and Disco Fever

Definitely one of the most under appreciated eras of her career, The Girlie Show Tour was one of the biggest tours to explore sexuality. Off the release of her highly controversial coffee table book, SEX, and low album sales for her 1992 album Erotica, she enlisted Dolce & Gabbana to design her costumes and spruce up her image.

One look showed off her slender frame in a white tank top and torn cut offs. Years later Calvin Klein would launch the Kate Moss campaign that would fuel heroin-chic (tbt) — but it seems Madge did it first.

For the performance of ‘Deeper and Deeper‘, she donned a fake Afro and with a disco inspired blouse, once again proving herself as a true theatrical chameleon.

Kylie Minogue Shirt

Kylie Minogue comparisons have followed the singer since they both emerged in the 80s — both have a habit of creating provocative and infectious gay pop anthems. Despite both having spoken in favor of each other (aw), it wasn’t enough to keep Madonna from making a joke of the comparison by cheekily wearing a shirt with her Australian rival’s name bedazzled on it.

Lucky Star Glam Rock Cape from the Confessions Tour — 2005

The Confessions Tour promoted arguably the last great Madonna album (so far) and offered some of her most elegant looks, designed by her long time collaborator Jean Paul Gaultier. This David Bowie-esque cape was used during her performance of ‘Lucky Star.’. No stranger to wearing capes, she installed disco lights to this one to further emulate the disco dance tone of the album and in turn, she becomes a shining star.

Madonna Hoodie Vest

With outfits designed by Arianne Philips, Ricardo Tisci, Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent, and Jeremy Scott, it’s no surprise that The Sticky & Sweet Tour became the highest grossing tour by a female artist ever. One of the stand outs from the show was this relatively simple ensemble from Jeremy Scott with sunglasses by Moschino — she looks like a cheerleader skipping study hall. Although, not one of the most elaborate costumes from her arsenal, it sums her up nicely. It’s quirky, it’s campy, it’s Madonna. Amen.

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