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It costs $250 to be an Acne Feminist and We're for It

Feminism continues to be at the forefront of mainstream consciousness — it’s about time. More and more celebrities are openly identifying as feminists and challenging the sexist aspects of many industries. And it looks like Acne has taken a cue from these discussions and applied them to their latest F/W 15 collection, full of gender-equality and feminist slogans. We’re here for it.

The collection combines the classic sleek, trim and neat Acne aesthetics with loud slogan patches reading WOMAN POWER, GENDER EQUALITY and RADICAL FEMINIST. Head designer Jonny Johansson told Style.com that he wanted the collection to combine “things men like” with banality. We struggle to see the banality though.

Acne is supreme when it comes to delivering clean, tailored clothes. With the average piece going for $250, it’ll cost a pretty penny to proclaim your feminist support in true Acne fashion. But it’s good to see them use menswear as a big "fuck you" to sexism and continue to help shut down gender boundaries in luxe style.

Photos by Acne Studios

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