Today's WTF: Artist wants to become cyborg, grows a third ear

When you think of cyborgs, you probably imagine chrome-coated Robocop or the Tinder-duping, humanoid hottie from Ex Machina. But Australian art professor, Stelarc, thought of something a bit less theatrical: attaching a third ear to his arm. It sounds a bit tame (what about laser eyes?!), but “Ear On Arm” is also a microphone with wifi capability. Streaming Spotify straight to your ear? Sounds like a good deal to us. It beats headphones, for sure.

Back in the 90s, scientists at Harvard University added the world’s first artificial ear to the back of a mouse. Stelarc caught wind of this and it became his mission to venture into the world of modifying the body architecture. After saving up for ten years, his unorthodox dream came true. The artist has become his own work of art. Very meta. Now he’s showing off his ear-arm everywhere—creeping out morning talk show hosts and getting crazy hype all over the Internet. His next step is giving the lonesome ear a friend by growing an accompanying ear lobe.

He’s not your typical cyborg, but the eccentric professor wants to expand the definition of “cyborg.” In an interview with CNN, Stelarc stated, ”What it means to be human will not be determined any longer merely by your biological structure but perhaps also determined largely by all of the technology that’s plugged or inserted into you.” It’s not just piercings and plastic surgery anymore, 21st century body modification is getting a real update. Maybe in a few years we’ll say goodbye to the iPhone and hello to cell phone chips in our brains.

Photos via Amy Young and artist’s website.

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