Tarantino’s Top 8 Most Hateful Moments

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Collect. Your. Fucking. Head.

Quentin Tarantino’s next film, The Hateful Eight, now has a trailer and it’s the most baller thing ever. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it now. We’ll wait… So now you get why we’re so excited right? The master of everything over the top and ridiculous is serving up what he does best: big crazy violence and the most colorful characters yet. Featuring favorites like Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell, we can’t wait for the Christmas release date to come. In honor of Tarantino’s newest joint, we at the Milk offices have curated Tarantino’s Top 8 Most Hateful Moments, so you can reminisce and enjoy.

Pulp Fiction – Marsellus Wallace Will Go Medieval On Your Ass

As ardent Tarantino fans, we have to start with the movie that brought him to the top, Pulp Fiction. While the classic is full of some of the best moments in the director’s career, there’s one scene in particular that’s filled to the brim with vitriol and rage. Hell hath no fury like Marsellus Wallace scorned. After a bloodied Butch Coolidge starts to make his escape, he realizes he can’t leave Wallace to be trapped with Zed, Maynard and The Gimp. Choosing the most badass way to kill Maynard (fact: katana are the most badass weapon), Marsellus takes his brutal revenge by shooting Zed in the dick with a shotgun. After that, we can’t be sure what happened to Zed. All we know is that it involved some pliers, a blowtorch, and a promise to ‘get Medieval on his ass.’

Kill Bill Vol. 1 – O-Ren Ishii Will Collect Your Fucking Head

The Kill Bill movies are proof that Tarantino’s women are not to be fucked with. Between the Bride, Elle Driver, and Vernita Green, it’s hard to choose who kicks the most ass. However, none make an entrance quite like Cottonmouth herself, O-Ren Ishii. Not only did this certified boss climb her way to the top through straight ruthlessness, she became the head of the goddamn Yakuza with a ‘mixed heritage.’ Be careful what you say though. One wrong thing, and she’ll ‘collect your fucking head.’ And you’ve never seen someone cross a table faster than this bad bitch.

Reservoir Dogs – Mr. Blond Will Cut Your Ear Off While Listening To The Stealers Wheel

There are few, if any, torture scenes that could pull off having Stealers Wheel as their soundtrack, but if it’s Mr. Blonde doing the torturing, it’s hard to look away. It’s also hard to look away when he’s tied you up, cut your ear off, and almost lit you on fire. One of the biggest psychopaths to ever appear in a Tarantino film (and that’s saying something), Mr. Blonde makes sure that Nash, the policeman he’s torturing, knows, “It’s amusing to me to torture a cop.” Thankfully, he doesn’t live to burn Nash alive. Still though, it takes a lot of hostility to even try.

Django Unchained – Django Will Blow Up Your House At Your Funeral

Tarantino’s most recent film, Django Unchained, takes revenge to a new level. Django (the d is silent) fights tooth and nail through the South to find his wife, Broomhilda, who has been sold to a man named Calvin J. Candie, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. While Leo’s commitment to the broken glass scene does get an honorable mention, nothing holds a candle to Django’s complete annihilation of Candyland on the day of Mr. Candie’s funeral. After killing all of Candie’s sister and all of his remaining goons, Django shoots Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson) in both of his kneecaps before blowing the whole house sky high. He rides off on his into the night with his wife, but not before doing a small jig of victory on his horse.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 – The Bride Will Pluck Your Goddamn Eye Out

Nothing screams hate like leaving a blind bitch to find her other eye (which you’ve already lovingly squished under your foot). While Kill Bill is all about the Bride’s revenge against Bill, there’s one fight that we waited a movie and a half to see: the Black Mamba versus the California Mountain Snake, AKA the one eyed Elle Driver. The eye patched assassin, who has already tried to pick the Bride off several times now, finally meets her opponent face to face. However, the Bride is having none of that and simply plucks out the eye of the last remaining member of the Deadly Viper Assassins, leaving her to roll around blind and in the company of an actual black mamba.

Jackie Brown – Louis Will Shoot You If You Don’t Shut Up

Louis Gara, played by Robert De Niro, has no time for your shit. If he tells you to shut up, you better do it. And considering that he’s chummy with a man like Ordell Robbie, you know that his ass may be dumb, but he ain’t no dumbass. It’s no surprise that as soon as Ordell’s boo thang, ultra stoner Melanie, started mouthing off to him in the parking lot, he had had enough. We can’t say he didn’t warn her though. After all, the car was right where he said it was. To gun someone down in broad daylight takes some balls, and a hefty amount of unresolved anger issues.

Death Proof – Stuntman Mike Will Pay For His Sins

Tarantino already showed that girls can kick as much ass as boys, but Death Proof proves that they can absolutely kick harder. Sure, at the beginning of the film Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) very swiftly annihilates a car full of women, but to the murderer’s surprise, his next victims quickly turned from preys to predators. After an anxiety-inducing scene during which Zoë Bell (fun fact: she is Uma Thurman’s Kill Bill stunt double) violently thrashes on the hood of the car, things go from 0 to 100. Not only do the bad-ass chicks crush Stuntman Mike with their car, but once they drag him out they proceed to punch him one by one in a circle until he is roundhouse kicked to the floor. Note: keep watching past ‘The End’ to see the real demise of the lady-killer.

Inglourious Basterds – Shosanna Will Burn The Theater Down With Hitler In It

What better entity to play out your revenge fantasy on than Nazis? Nothing, that’s what, and Tarantino knows it. That’s why Inglourious Basterds is the ultimate revenge flick. One would think that the most hateful moment of this film comes from Christoph Waltz’s absolutely terrifying performance as SS Hans Landa, or the Jew Hunter, but how can that even compare to Melanie Laurent’s character, Shosanna Dreyfus. After surviving one of Landa’s brutal attacks (one which left her entire family dead), Shosanna swore revenge, and believe me, she got it. Even though she sacrificed her own life, not many can claim that they burnt down a theater full of Nazi officials, and even Hitler himself. First things first, this bad bitch was in the Nazi killin’ business. And cousin, business was a-boomin’.

The Hateful Eight comes out December 25th

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