& Other Stories Taps All Trans Campaign Team

The transgender topic has become the summer’s hot button issue. From interviews with news networks to features in culture mags to being tweeted by anyone with a smartphone, the trans community has experienced a huge jump to the forefront of people’s conversations. In their new campaign, the H&M sister brand & Other Stories, is marrying the media’s fixation on transgender issues with the fashion world by focusing on the “transgender gaze.” For the first time ever, the team behind the Fall/Winter advertisements were a full crew of solely transgender creatives and models.

& Other Stories’ campaign features the freshest models in the game (and our personal faves) Hari Nef and Valentijn De Hingh. Amos Mac takes charge behind the lens, along with makeup artist Nina Poon and stylist Love Bailey. What a dream team.
In the photos, the two women give the camera killer looks, emulating the gaze many in the trans community feel nowadays. In an interview with Elle, De Hingh elaborated on staying power of the trans gaze saying that, “the way things are moving right now, it’s looking like even when the fad is over there will still be awareness of our story and our issues.” It’s the time of trans and they’re ready to embrace their long-awaited spotlight.

The inspiration for the ‘gaze’ campaign shoot came from the enormous amount of coverage transgender women and men have received recently. High-profile people like Catilyn Jenner and Laverne Cox are always making their rounds in celeb news. In film and TV, there are numerous depictions of transgender narratives like Tangerine, I Am Jazz, and Transparent. Now fashion’s taking its turn to support and empower the community.

Photos courtesy of & Other Stories

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