Mykki Blanco Introduces C-ORE With A Dark New Video

We’ve learned to stop trying to guess what Mykki Blanco is up to. The artist seems to have done everything — a controversial trip to Russia in the midst of their anti-gay propaganda laws, a stint as an investigative journalist researching underground queer culture, and a riot grrl musical collaboration with Kathleen Hanna. Now, the artist is dropping the first release from his new music label, Dogfood Music Group.

The Jude MC directed video is from a project called C-ORE, a compilation album slated for a September 18th release featuring Blanco and his labelmates. The album line-up includes Yves Tumor, who toured with Blanco in 2013, Violence, the artist behind the electronic project Palmtrees Caprisun, PsychoEgyptian, who’s often opened for Blanco, and Mykki himself.

Blanco and his projects often focus on amplifying new, unique voices. "People all over the world are only fed this singular image of ‘African American Music’ and we want to disrupt that," Blanco said at the launch of his record label. "We all come from backgrounds outside of the black American norm, and the world deserves to see our culture as much as anything else."

The video itself is harsh and bleak, with music to match, featuring clips from cult films like Under the Skin, Blade, Tokyo Drift, Spawn, Strange Days, and Altered States. "C-ORE follows four vigilantes as they track down a wanted techno-junkie in the middle of developing a new way for users to experience old earth," reads the video’s description. "After liberating it and trying it for themselves, they fall into a maze of nightmarish parallel realities. Now indoctrinated into C-ORE, they seek to escape the drug by traveling to the limits of their new reality.”

While the video is a pretty dark move for Blanco, if he’s proved anything over the past couple years it’s that he can make most anything into some compelling art.

Photo by Carrie Schechter

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