Jeremy Scott Gives MTV Moonman a Facelift

It’s almost time for the VMAs and this year’s harbinger of award show craziness is none other than Miley Cyrus. Along with the singer’s playfully wild presence, close buddy Jeremy Scott is giving everyone a taste of his own brand of eccentricity by revamping the iconic MTV Moonman with a facelift (or should we say suitlift?). The newly redesigned, color-blasted statue was debuted today in one of Cyrus’ promo clips. That’s one small step for the Moonman, and a giant leap for MTV.

The lil’ spaceman has been part of MTV history since the beginning, paying homage to the network’s first broadcast back in the early 80s. Now the Moschino designer is channeling another one of their early icons: their seminal TV color bars logo. But it doesn’t stop there, it wouldn’t be a true collab without the artist mixing a bit of his own iconography. In addition to the metallic rainbow paint job and peace sign necklace, the new Moonman is donning a pair of fly winged Adidas, a signature Jeremy Scott look.

This redesign is getting us hyped for the VMAs, which have been otherwise eclipsed by all the drama with Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. Now that the scores have been settled and the world’s moved onto a new beef (ahem, Meek v Drake), we can start playing the weirdly hypnotizing Miley Cyrus promos on repeat.

Photo via MTV.

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