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Create Fanfic for this Artist's 6000 Lost Polaroids

If you’ve ever shaken your butt like a Polaroid picture to the infamous Outkast song, it’s time to sit down and start writing. The vintage photography format that your painfully hipster neighbor swears is making a comeback with a literary twist. All polaroids have a story but some are missing their owners—leaving the stories untold and untouched. With the Found Polaroids project, Kyler Zeleny is giving these lost images a home online. With a stash of 6,000 randomly collected photos uploaded to the website, the curator is asking people to create stories for the unknown subjects and after some sleuthing, you may even find a photo of yourself in the depths of the Polaroid vortex.

The website asks the question, “Who were these people, what did they do, and more importantly, where did they go?” Readers are invited to craft short stories for Polaroids that resonate with them. They can create little histories for the unclaimed identities and rewrite entire lives. It feels almost like a reverse census: instead of gathering the names of the people of the world, you have to figure them out.

You can also email Zeleny himself and let him know you’re one of the anonymous subjects in the collection. It’s time to start browsing, put on your sleuthing hat, and solve these real life mysteries. Now, stop scrolling through Humans of New York and put those writing chops to use—there are still 6,000 stories to tell.

Take a peek at the gallery here.

Photos via Found Polaroids.

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