Canadian Uni Offers Course In Growing & Selling Weed

Canada is now on the cutting edge of blazing it. Kwantlen Polytechnic University, a university in Vancouver, is offering a class on the business of weed. The class, which is formally known as Introduction to Professional Management of Marijuana for Medical Purposes in Canada, teaches students about the in and outs of growing, buying, and selling weed.

The 14 week online course is split into two parts — costing a pricey $1,249 each. The first segment is called Plant Production and Facility Management and focuses on the actual growing of weed; from irrigation channels to identifying healthy roots to correctly drying bud. The other, called Marketing, Sales and Drug Development, focuses on being successful after your product already exists.

Between the two parts you basically learn how to create an entirely legal drug empire in Canada. While the class currently focuses on how to grow weed in compliance with Canadian regulations, there’s registration for international students as well. And over a dozen students have already taken the leap into the class — imagine explaining that college schedule to your mom.

While Canada currently has only 25 federally licensed marijuana growing facilities, this class is hoping to jump on the burgeoning weed business while it’s still pretty up for grabs between illegal dealers and clever businessmen. The class is taught by Tegen Adams, a business development manager at a company which tests cannabis.

"You have a lot of people that are really good at growing marijuana who are used to the black market,” Adams explained in conversation with CBC Radio. “And a lot of people that are investing in the marijuana industry are coming from different industries and there is a gap in the middle where Health Canada is regulating their production and neither of those two groups knows how to deal with it."

While the legal cannabis market is valued at $2.7 billion in the United States alone and with weed becoming more and more commonplace, maybe going into drug dealing is a pretty good career move. It’s never too late to go back to school!

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