A Flight of the Conchords Movie is Finally Happening!

Step away from the big magnets and wipe the rain off your face because your favorite New Zealand comedy rock duo is planning their comeback. If you’re feeling a bit lost on the references, it’s time to brush up on Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie’s cult classic TV show Flight of the Conchords because they could be coming back stronger and bigger than ever—literally. Like, they may be moving from the screen to the movie screen.

The prospects of fly-looking booties on the big screen were reignited this past week when Clement revealed to Indiewire that a script for the HBO mockumentary was in the very early stages for a film adaptation. “We have actually started writing one,” he revealed when prompted about the show, which went off the air six years ago. “But who knows if it will ever be made, we’ve written some notes for some different film ideas.”

The acoustic comedy rockers have been performing as Flight of the Conchords since 2000 so it’s no surprise that the prospect of a reunion movie has ignited the emotions of the cult following fifteen years in the making. While the Internet waits impatiently for more news on the film, Clements and McKenzie are busy planning a reunion tour as well as writing, starring, and directing a slate of films—including 2016’s Steven Spielberg-directed adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG. Move over refrigerators, here’s what’s cool. Two rad dues coming soon to a theater near you. They came, they saw, they conchord.

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