Top 5 Most WTF Celeb Music Vid Cameos

Every night before we go to bed, the Milk offices pray to have Kim Gordon as their life mentor, teacher, or even a disinterested boxing coach. Now, we get to see Peaches live the dream in the music video ‘Close Up,’ which features Gordon vaping indifferently as she watches Peaches train, and literally eat shit in the ring. The hilarious collab between the two fabulous women has us reminiscing about some other surreal music video cameos that made us do a double take. So here is Milk’s Top 5 Most WTF Music Video Cameos.

’Elastic Heart’ – Sia

Shia LaBeouf is a weird guy, we can all admit that. From live tweeting an acid trip to sending Lars von Trier actual sex tapes for the Nymphomaniac casting to becoming a meme, Shia doesn’t shy away from just doing him. That’s why when we saw him dance-wrestle Maddie Ziegler in Sia’s music video for ‘Elastic Heart,’ we were surprised, but only because of how tame LaBeouf is in the video. Dirtied and in some nude undies, both dancers face off in a (bird)cage match as Ziegler jumps in and out of the enclosure. Eventually, she realizes that her super buff opponent cannot follow out and tries to save him. Once they realize he can’t slip out, the silence of two broke hearts fills the air. Or something like that.

’Hopeless Wanderer’ – Mumford and Sons

The video for ‘Hopeless Wanderer’ starts like pretty much every Mumford and Sons tune, featuring sepia toned fields, banjos, and a mournful wail. However, it’s not until we see the sad boy folksters walking down the dusty road that the video’s true nature is revealed. Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Forte (who commits to sporting a full beard and carrying his upright bass through the whole video) take the place of the band members, but keep the chucks, suspenders and generally scruffy aesthetic. The four horsemen of funny hit every folk cliche known to man, fitting as much homoerotic subtext (and actual text) as possible. By the end, the quartet have laughed together, sobbed together, and are so overtaken by the music, they destroy their instruments. Well, Will Forte actually just humps his.

’Weapon of Choice’ – Fatboy Slim

There are two Christopher Walken performances that will forever go down in history as his prime. The first is the watch scene in Pulp Fiction. No one else will ever commit to a monologue about shoving a watch up their ass for that long. The second? His super frisky hotel dance takeover in Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon of Choice’. A sullen Walken sits silently in his chair (probably waiting for death to take him) until the tune starts playing off a radio on a nearby maid cart. The actor, unmatched in physical prowess, immediately breaks out into what looks like an interpretation of a tap dancing chicken that we have been trying to perfect since we first watched the video 12 years ago. Dancing on tables, riding luggage trolleys, and eventually just straight up flying, Walken takes the lyrics ‘You could go with this/You could go with that/Or you can blow it up,’ to the next level.

‘Vanilla Twilight’ – Owl City

Remember that Fireflies song that was everywhere 5 years ago? Or rather the remix of that song with all the puppy and kitten sounds? Well shockingly enough, that wasn’t the only song that artist Owl City put out. Even more shocking, Shaq (AKA Dr. O’Neal) pops up in the music video for one of the musicians’ other songs, ‘Vanilla Twilight’. Most of the video consists of the pop punker playing what looks like a children’s piano on a lighthouse along with scenes of people, including Shaq, hustling through the winter. They only stop to look up at some crazy shit going on in the sky. When we finally see it, the clouds part to reveal some crazy Northern Light-esque action that can only spell out the apocalypse. While everyone else smiles peacefully at the unforetold doom cooking up in the clouds, Shaq raises his arms and screams, ‘Take me with you!’ We feel you, Shaq.

’The New Workout Plan’ – Kanye West

Always looking out for the fans, Kanye provided them with ‘The New Workout Plan,’ so we could cop ‘a rapper, an NBA star, or at least a dude with a car.’ The video gives us all the important work out routines we need like the ‘Gucci Climber,’ the ‘Walki Talkie,’ and of course, the ‘Tushy Roll.’ We don’t have to go it alone though, as the video features ‘Ultimate Trophy Wife’ Anna Nicole Smith as Ellla-May, the best cheerleader we could have asked for. In her testimonial, we get to hear about how the plan changed her life saying, ‘I’ve been able to date outside of the family and now own a double wide!’ With dreams like that, who wouldn’t want to hop aboard this workout plan. Don’t forget to pick up your video for just ‘free 99.’

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