Vote Deez Nuts for Your 2016 President!

With many people fretting that Donald Trump is leading in the public opinion polls, there’s another surprising candidate popping up that we like so much more. In North Carolina, Iowa, and Minnesota, the Independent candidate Deez Nuts has been gaining popularity slowly but surely. As it turns out, the man behind Mr. Nuts’ campaign is a 15 year old high schooler named Brady Olsen.

Olsen filled out the campaign forms as a joke – with the blessing of his parents of course – and also to express his frustrations with leading candidates in both Democratic and Republican parties (You can’t escape Deez Nuts, Hillary. With almost 600 candidates running this year, some of which include ‘Sydneys Voluptuous Buttocks’ (independent), ‘Crawfish Crawfish’ (other), ‘Buddy The Elf’ (write-in) and Bernie Sanders (democrat), it may be worth it to explore some other options when trying to figure out who has your vote.

When asked by Rolling Stone what made him qualified for the positions, Olsen answered, “The fact that if I can fill out a form so vague that it doesn’t include your age, or the fact that all get accepted even if they’re only partially filled, anyone can run [sic].” Brady also confirmed that he will take this candidacy ‘as far as America will let me.’

Here’s hoping the country will be led by Deez Nuts, the most fitting commander-in-chief America could possibly offer!

Check out Deez Nuts’ campaign page here.

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