Learn How to Take Down The Man at the 'School Of Disobedience'

Living in this capitalist hellhole we call earth is often difficult. Have you seen how much college costs lately?! But thankfully, there’s always the hope of a full-scale revolution — or at least some cool socialist art. In hopes of prompting this rebellion against the tyranny and complicity of the bourgeois, Finnish artist Jani Leinonen is presenting his new show, ‘School of Disobedience,’ at Helsinki’s contemporary art museum, Kiasma, this September.

The show is half-retrospective, half-school, as viewers make their way through over 100 of Leinonen anti-capitalist works and take part in a number of workshops centered around the theme of civil disobedience. “The School of Disobedience offers its students revolutionary ideas and tools for making the world better,” reads the website. “The School of Disobedience asks what kind of a world we want instead of the present one, and teaches how to fight for the important causes.”

Lienonen, who’s also featured in Banksy’s ‘Dismaland,’ is no stranger to radical artwork. In his piece, ‘Food Liberation Army,’ Leinonen made headlines worldwide for the kidnapping and beheading of a Ronald McDonald statue, saying there’s a need for “better quality and ethicality of consumption.”

For “School of Disobedience” Leinonen rounded up a roster of prominent local activists to teach the workshops. Li Andersson, chairwoman of the Left Youth of Finland, will teach a workshop on social movement formation; Finnish journalists Riku Rantala and Toumas Milonoff will focus on media criticism; Paleface, a political hip-hop artist, discusses the power of music in revolution; and street artist Sampsa will present on the use of social media to critique corporations.

All the classes also focus on revolution and disobedience in the modern, digital age. “Instead of throwing real bricks at corporate windows, we are teaching the kids to throw digital bricks,” Leinonen said. “It’s important we realize we don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. In the age of social media, it’s getting easier and easier to work collectively toward common goals.”

Maybe we can all take a lesson from Leinonen’s “School of Disobedience” and break a couple rules today — or at the very least think some nasty thoughts about Donald Trump!

Photos via Jani Leinonen

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