Today's Fashion WTF: #Bonnetcore Is Real

We’re living in a post-normcore, post-babycore world. Dressing like a dad is OVER. Dressing like an oversized toddler is OVER. Now, it’s all about dressing like a milkmaid from the mid-1800’s. That’s right, the new trend to pick up the -core suffix is bonnetcore. That’s what’s “in” right now: literal bonnets.

The start to the movement is a little murky (let’s be clear though, this is second wave bonnetcore; first-wave happened hundreds of years ago and probably had a lot more followers). The arguable beginning of this new wave happened last year when Lauren Alice Avery, a model from LA, posted the milkiest of milkmaid Instagram posts featuring the headgear. Then, in February, indie fashion label Vaquera styled some of their subway-bound models with bonnets and the movement began to pick up steam. Yes, BONNETS began to pick up steam in fashion.

Now, celebrities are being shot left and right with the new-wave pioneer garb — from the new face of Chanel, Lily-Rose Depp, on Instagram, to purveyor of “Amish Bondage,” Sussi Sus before a night out. Bonnets are having a moment.

But, the movement only recently got a name. After digital artist and seemingly professional trendsetter Molly Soda posted a picture wearing a frilly bonnet with the caption “#bonnetcore in full swing” the hashtag, and thus the think pieces, were born. Now, bonnetcore is a thriving fashion movement — at least according to the internet.

Does bonnetcore exist anywhere outside of the murky internet corner of web fashion? Probably not. But people are definitely going to try to make it a “thing.” So, if you see someone in a bonnet the next time you go to a party, just blame it on our weird fascination with reappropriating innocent looking clothing, and the ability to make literally anything trendy with enough new coverage.

At least now we can all take solace in the fact that no matter what we wear, we won’t be wearing the weirdest outfit. Where do you even buy a bonnet in 2015?

*Photos via Dazed and Instagram]

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