Morrissey Writes Book, Ex-Emo Kids Rejoice!

Morrissey is releasing a novel. Alert the angsty teens! Bang on the poster covered bedroom doors! The original king of sad music is crossing mediums to release a probably-sad book.

After Morrissey’s record breaking autobiography (cleverly titled Autobiography) came out in 2013, it seemed inevitable that he would again delve into the world of books. According to Morrissey fansite True To You, which is the closest thing that the technophobic singer has to a website, the book is titled List of the Lost. It’s slated to come out next month.

“Morrissey’s first novel, List of the Lost, will be published by Penguin Books (UK) at the end of September,” reads a post on the site. “The book will be issued in softcover/paperback as a New Fiction title, and comes almost two years after Morrissey’s very successful Autobiography publication of October 2013. Penguin Books will confirm an on sale date within this coming week. List of the Lost will be available in the UK, Ireland, Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa.”

For Morrissey’s sake, we hope that his foray into literature will leave the songwriter a bit happier than music has. In a recent interview with Larry King, the elusive singer struck out against the music scene. "It’s not really concerned with people who sing or people who play music," Morrissey said. "Because music appears to be dying and people have found other things to do, I think the major labels want to grab as much as they can as quickly as possible. Therefore, they watch those terrible talent things, those small children, and they sign them and they make quick money."

Thanks for the insight Morrissey! Maybe his book will be a bit cheerier than his diatribes against pop culture.

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