Eckhaus Latta + Dev Hynes's Film Make Meat Crotches Fashionable

An opening shot of strips of raw meat piled on someone’s penis while a piano ballad begins lets you know this isn’t a typical fashion film. Forgoing the glitz, glamor, and celebrity appearances that have become synonymous with other brands’ promotional shorts, bicoastal experimental designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta of Eckhaus Latta’s new video, “Roach”, opts for a more personal narrative to showcase their AW15* collection. For their eighth video, the **Milk muses teamed up with a long-running collaborator, and one of the most unique talents in music, to produce a short that transcends fashion and creates a truly artistic experience.

The experimental fashion brand known for their genderless clothing and fearless embrace of the surreal brought back LA-based German director Alexa Karolinski to direct the video and enlisted the musical genius of Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes to produce an original score for the short film. Karolinski had previously directed all seven of the other videos for Eckhaus and Hynes created the music for their FW15 show, so the production of “Roach” was more of a reunion than any of their past work—and it shows. The film is interspersed with visuals of an ocean horizon filmed through a hole from a long-forgotten nose ring, running zebras, meat crotches, and shots of David Moses of Moses Gauntlett Cheng and artist John Mercer Moore sitting together in striped dresses on a bed. While these shots play out, Nora Slade recites an Eckhaus-written poem that covers everything from Mad Men and traffic to the neighbor’s Chihuahuas. These elements come together to created an intimate look into the story the designers are creating with their new collection.

“I think we just wanted to do something a bit more earnest with this project and representing this collection,” Zoe Latta revealed to i-D. With the intimate film shot on everything from professional cameras to broken iPhones, the duo has achieved their goal. While we wait for the upcoming S/S 2016 collection, get familiar with their past work, sweat alongside the Chinatown grannies from their previous film “Uniform”, and please put the slab of meat dangling above your crotch down.

Photography by Mitchell McLennan and Faisal Mohammed.

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