Heems Teases Us with a Sitcom About His Life

Heems, or Himanshu Suri, has been hard at work this year after a fairly long silence post Das Racist. From putting out his new album Eat.Pray.Thug to curating an art show to promoting Southeast Asian artists, it seems there’s nothing stopping the Punjabi rapper from getting back in the game. On top of all of that, he recently announced his newest foray into culture via Twitter. There may be a full-blown sitcom based on the Queens native’s life in the works.

The artist tweeted yesterday, “Hey! So… 20th Century Fox bought my story rights for a potential sitcom. Thought I’d let my fans know.” While this is no guarantee for a show (Heems later announced that he still has to write a pilot and pitch to networks, which is no small feat), it looks promising when you consider Sanjay Shah, the writer behind Fresh Off the Boat and Cougartown, will be on board. Considering the rapper’s more recent tracks (see: Patriot Act), we’re very interested to see the rappers insight and critic as a post 9/11 Indian American.

Alongside the TV announcement, Heems has also posted some of his personal art on his Insta to check out. It looks like the artist is working on a major comeback, and we’re ready to see what’s in store for the rapper with one of the most unique perspectives in the game.

Read our interview with Heems here

Photo by Robert Kisby

Art by Himanshu Suri

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