#Foodporn Can Land You in Legal Trouble

We all have that friend who’s constantly Instagramming beautiful restaurant dishes, replete with the hashtag “foodporn.” And in the midst of hate-stalking their extravagant lifestyle via social media, a lot of things come to mind. How can you afford this? When did food become equatable with porn? What kind of restaurant gives you servings that small and beautiful? Now there’s a new thought to add to your noxious jealous streak: Are you in Germany? Because if you are, you’re breaking the law.

That’s right. In news that’s recently gone viral, Instagramming pretty food is now illegal in Germany.

Germany has now put nice-looking food creations under copyright law – or more officially “elaborately arranged food” is now “artistic property of the creator.” This means that an Instagram without the correct credit or an okay from the chef could land you in legal trouble for copyright infringement. While the law only applies to plates with an “advanced level” of design, there’s no real way to define that quantitatively, so it ends up in the hands of a judge.

That #cheesecake could get your ass in jail, careful!
That #cheesecake could get your ass in jail, careful!

Fast food is probably safe, so that kebab you got post-club is ok to ‘gram. But if you’re doing any fine dining in Germany, you should be careful with what exactly you’re posting pictures of. Don’t be too scared though: since this law was established in 2013, not one person has been charged.

So happy Instagramming, but be aware that you’re carelessly breaking the law! Or just ask your chef if you can take a picture if you’re afraid of German jail.

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