PornHub Offers $25,000 to Eager to Please Coeds

PornHub is best known for forcing you to explain to your parents why the word “bukkake” showed up on the home computer. But they’re finally going to make it up to you -and your folks. The website is offering a $25,000 scholarship to students studying “medicine, botany, paranormal psychology, and anything in between.” All they have to do is be eager to please.

According to the scholarship site, applicants must be at least eighteen years old, have a 3.2 GPA, and be enrolled in an accredited university. They are asked to submit an essay and a short video that answers the question “How do you strive to make others happy?”

“Be creative!” winks the site. “This will help us get to know you better.” Naturally, a few people are concerned.

Who knew PornHub was so charitable?
Who knew PornHub was so charitable?

Like many of the stars it helps launch, PornHub is known for being surprisingly generous. From their work with cancer research groups to their donations to environmental charities, it’s clear that PornHub is charitable. Hence their new philanthropic campaign, PornHub Cares. Still, the site has already come under fire from groups like The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, who fear that this is just a ploy to get struggling undergrads to add to the site’s already impressive “coed” section. After all, when we think about PornHub’s offices, we can’t help but picture rows and rows of sweaty Ron Jeremys rubbing their hands together.

PornHub’s decidedly not-sweaty vice president, Corey Price, is already well aware of these concerns. “If you’re against pornography and you’re an anti-pornography crusader, this is probably not the scholarship for you,” says Price. He notes that they are ultimately looking for a candidate with a “sex-positive belief system.”

The winner will receive a whopping $25,000 in US currency, and possibly the ability to look their parents in the eye again. Because things just haven’t been the same since you had to explain to Mom that a lot of girls watch porn, okay? In this day and age, it can even be considered a feminist act!

Love ya, Ma!

Images via PornHub, Daily Finance

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