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1/8 — Frozen Chairlift, Alaska.



JZ Radical Rocks NYC At Cmart's Photo Show

On September 1st, The Soho Arts Club featured one of my dearest friends Chris Martin, aka “Cmart.” His show, titled Carte Blanche, was a diary of Cmart’s past year. As a skater, Cmart has traveled extensively, always bringing his camera. The show features images from all over the country: from Natural Koncept / AriZona Iced Tea month-long skate tours across the United States, to snowboard trips in Alaska and Jackson Hole, to road trips to visit family back home in Maine. Cmart’s photography is featured in this month’s Transworld Skateboarding Magazine in the “Proof Sheet” column. His future is looking bright, and the celebration of his solo show was appropriately epic.

Check out more of his work here.

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