Meet The Kawaii Anime Girl Combating Isis One Meme At A Time

We’ve all been horrified by the actions of the Islamic terror group ISIS. The group, which formed in 1999, has had a powerful resurgence after taking control of major Iraqi cities in early 2014. Perhaps the scariest thing about the group is their savviness with social media, recruiting many followers online. The Caliphate has also become known for posting heinously graphic videos of the torture and beheading of journalists and other ‘non believers.’ Global governments are at a loss for how to combat the extremists, who are well-funded and well-armed.

However, a Japanese artist isisvipper has found their own way to combat ISIS on their own terms by creating ISIS-chan, a cute, green-haired anime character who has a strong passion for melons. The idea behind the character is to ‘google-bomb’ (the act of flooding associated Google searches with unrelated content) actual ISIS with a cute girl who promotes peace and love. The idea was formed when two Japanese hostages were taken by the group and eventually killed. Now the movement has spread to any artists looking to subvert the extremists.

But this is not an attack on Islamic faith. There are guidelines to submit: “no gore, no porn, no Islamophobia.” ISIS-chan has appeared everywhere, telling people that “The knife should be used for melons.” From being superimposed onto ISIS’s own propaganda, to appearing in the My Little Pony fandom and getting a fanart of Super ISIS-Chan Melon Bros, a play on Mario Bros., ISIS-chan is everyone’s favorite little subversive anime girl. Are you an artist? Help spread the message of love, peace and melons! And help to drown out the voice of a violent and extremist hate group! We love you ISIS-chan!

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