We Spend More Time on Netflix Than Eating or Having Sex

We all know. We’ve all been there. A half hour to unwind and watch just one episode turns into a season-deep marathon. One episode of a docu-series turns into a Werner Herzog documentary field day. Excessive streaming, more affectionately termed binge watching, is cutting into our schedules according to a recent TGD study. It’s revealed in the study that subscribers devote more time to streaming than eating, reading, shopping and sex to name just a few.

Falling a few notches below sleeping and work and just shy of time spent on other leisure activities, the average Netflix subscriber spends roughly 90 minutes slumped on the sofa watching Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Comparatively, the average user spends 70 minutes eating, 49 minutes reading and 33 minutes on chores. Beyond busy schedules and daily necessities, Netflix is also cutting into intimacy, which subscribers clocked in at less than 2 minutes a day. That’s 98% less time we spend watching Netflix. Rather than getting down, subscribers are getting three episodes deep into Gilmore Girls and nostalgic Friends throwbacks.

The data that has us weeping for the current state of humanity
The data that has us weeping for the current state of humanity

Although you can stream some blush worthy sex scenes (Sense 8 episode 6, enough said) its not exactly the real thing. The streaming goliath may have plenty of insightful (and admittedly cultish) food docs, but yet again, not quite the same as eating. Leisure time spent streaming seems to be casting a shadow over other priorities and pleasures. We’re divvying up more and more time to Netflix and with up and coming originals from Amazon Prime and newbie HBO Go, how will we find time to sleep and work?

The evolution of humanity
The evolution of humanity

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