Milk Underground Presents | Chad Moore

Chad Moore photographs the young, but not the innocent. Set in a sleepy, desolate Florida reminiscent of earlier years, the gritty nighttime streets of Chinatown or the eerie, desert landscape of his travels, his photos evoke a certain loneliness and isolation. But despite this isolation, the photographs seduce the viewer. You want more.

Moore plays with light in a way that many photographers attempt to, but few succeed in. The young men and women in his night photography look startled and surprised, burning cigarettes dangling from their hands. There are kisses, sweet and hazy. Uncertain, lanky boys standing tall in the afternoon sun. Cans of cheap beer and bicycles. Heavy-lidded girls jumping into the ocean late at night in an old pair of underwear.

Chad Moore captures the skinny, sleazy, golden decadence of youth with equal amounts melancholia and confidence.


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