Milk Underground | Maciek Jasik

Maciek Jasik was born in Gdansk, Poland in 1978. He came to the United States six
 years later, following his parents in their moves through the Midwest 
and East Coast. His work is primarily focused on using mystery to 
re-imagine documentary photography and portraiture as something less
 knowable, less able to be consumed and then tossed aside.

Recent projects include "Pueblos Jovenes" (2008) shot in the
 shanty towns of Lima, Peru, "Nowa Huta" shot in and around Krakow, Poland (2009), and the continuing "A Thousand Souls" and "Bypassing 
The Rational" projects, which aim to go beyond what we have come to
 expect from portraiture and the human form itself.

His work has been exhibited at the Finch and Ada Gallery (2011) in New
 York, Milk Gallery (2010) in New York, the Art of Photography Show
 (2009) in San Diego, the New York Photo Festival (2008) in Brooklyn
 and and in various publications around the world. He lives in Brooklyn.


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