Milk Underground | Kathy Lo

A native of Vancouver, Kathy Lo was born in 1986 and moved to New York City where she served as the Director of Photography at the journal for three years. In April 2010, she received an artist Visa and joined COACD as the photo director and casting director. Since working at COACD, she has shot "Straight Shooter Malendar 2010" and and has curated the latest Male Model Madness Vol. 3.

Kathy is also an emerging photographer. Her work has been published in numerous publications and has been exhibited internationally in group shows. Her first book, Kiss, was published in October 2010 featuring Ashley Smith with casting by Douglas Perrett. Kiss is loosely based on the German fable, Faust. Lo’s photographs capture the brief unplanned moments, which lie between beauty and humor.


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