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5 Accessories You Need for the Women's March

In nine days, the collective frustration/disillusionment/rage of approximately one million Americans will, in one fell swoop, converge and descend upon Washington, D.C. with fervor. And though it’s near impossible to predict just what will go down, it’s clearly helpful to conduct usual rounds of pre-protest planning. So, in the spirit of preparedness (and, on that note, history’s badass females who knew their shit), we’ve put together THE list. So check it once, twice, or however many times you need—this one’s for keeps.

Oh, and not for sale (don’t worry, it’s free): our always-appropriate roundup of 5 feminist-approved anthems to get you in the fiery, feminist mood come next Saturday.

Pussy Power Hat 

Wear your womanhood like a fucking royal crown with a hand-knit (hand-knit, because you knit it yourself) pussy power hat. Can you imagine a more beautiful site than a sea of little pink heads marching down the streets of DC, lambasting the pussy-grabbing demon himself? Didn’t think so.

Feminist Granny Panties 

Because if you haven’t already been gifted a pair of these for the holidays, now’s your chance to spend more than $2.99 on a good pair of undies that simultaneously cover your bum and rep the feminist agenda.

💗beyond cute💗 tag ur BFF

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Posters (duh)

Nothing says “Fuck Trump” like a giant pink neon poster printed with the words “Fuck Trump.” Say it loud, say it proud. We’re not going to tell you where to buy markers and papers; just show up and bring the damn thing.

Morning mood 🐣 📸: @activistnyc

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Clit Necklace

For the less subtle among us. This necklace is, shall we say, the most unapologetic of accessories (in the best way possible, of course) and makes no atonement for its bold statement. Comes in both gold and silver for maximum luxe potential.

Nasty Woman T-Shirt

Arguably the moment (and subsequent tee) that started it all. Will the world ever be able to properly express its gratitude for such a delightful throw-it-in-their-face retaliation? Doubtful. If you already have one, wear it to the march! If not, get yours here for future moments of political throw down.

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Stay tuned to Milk for more nasty news of the activist variety.

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