From Vittorio Brodman to Antonio Lopez and Calvin Marcus, these are the dope art exhibitions you need to see this week around NYC.



5 Art Exhibitions You Can’t Miss in NYC This Week

Gotta get your art fix but don’t want to haul ass to MoMA with the eight million other New Yorkers this week? We feel you, and we got your back. Below, we’ve listed a handful of dope art exhibits to attend this week throughout NYC. From Harlem to Queens, these shows got the goods for a chill weekend of tasteful art debate. Put on your best existentialist-pondering face and take a look.

1. Vittorio Brodman

What: Become Door

Where: Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, 291 Grand Street

When: Now through November 13th

Head on over to 291 Grand Street for your daily dose of “I don’t know what the hell I’m looking at but I like it” art from Swiss artist Vittorio Brodmann. His art blends the colorful chaos of Picasso with whimsical cartoon-like characters and intricate brush strokes. Brodmann’s pieces make for a stark juxtaposition against the galleries bleach white walls, and a must-see weekend activity.

2. Calvin Marcus 

What: Were Good Men

Where: C L E A R I N G in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

When: Now through October 30th

Williamsburg fam, we highly recommend strolling on over to Calvin Marcus’ Were Good Men exhibition for an awesome show of perplexing pieces. The exhibition displays 39 paintings of slain, decorated soldiers from various countries. That said, the exhibition isn’t as grim as it sounds; the soldiers boast neon hair, orange gloves, and blue lips among strong handed green strokes meant to look like grass. The result is a silly yet gruesome experience that’s definitely worth perusing.

3. Timothy Greenfield-Sanders 

What: The Women’s List: 50 Portraits & Film Projection

Where: Fisher Landau Center for Art in Long Island City, Queens

When: October 20th through November 28th

On par with women empowering other women is men who give women their much-deserved spotlight in the too-often male-dominated realm of the art world. In his latest project, The Women’s List: 50 Portraits & Film Projection, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders captures 50 iconic women from all different arenas; think fashion, film, sports, entertainment, and politics. From Shonda Rhimes to Nancy Pelosi, Greenfield-Sanders’s portraits showcase some of the most influential female faces of the 21st century.

4. Antonio Lopez

What: ANTONIO LOPEZ: Future Funk Fashion

Where: El Museo del Barrio, 1230 Fifth Avenue

When: Now through November 26th

Journey up to Harlem this week for a taste of renowned fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez’s greatest works. During his lifetime, Lopez created countless awe-inspiring illustrations for Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily, Harper’s Bazaar, and other powerhouse publications. Lopez’s work was already stunning on glossy magazine pages. Imagine how much more arresting they’ll be blown up and on display?

5. Goshka Macuga 

What: On the other side of tomorrow

Where: Andrew Kreps Gallery, 537/535 W. 22nd street 

When: Now through October 29th

Goshka Macuga’s On the other side of tomorrow is the trippy art exhibition you know you need. Hosted at Andrew Kreps Gallery in Chelsea, the London creative’s newest show features the brightly painted heads of legendary thinkers connected by long wooden poles. Imagine Albert Einstein’s face bathed in neon yellow paint and suspended in the middle of a big web of other philosophers and mathematicians. Sounds weird, but it looks sick. We swear.

Stay tuned to Milk for more artsy activities coming your way.

Photos via Gavin Brown Gallery, CLEARING Gallery, Duggal Visual Solutions, El Museo del Barrio, and Andrew Kreps Gallery.

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