For your viewing pleasure, we’ve selected a handful of bold artists whose 2016 presidential election-inspired art is almost as controversial as their subjects.



5 Artists That Were Inspired by This Hellish Presidential Election

Election day has finally come, and we feel like we’ve aged about 20 decades in the last couple months. Luckily, however, some good has come out of it aside from the prospect of electing our first female president. And that good is some pretty insane political art. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve selected a handful of bold artists whose 2016 presidential election-inspired art is almost as controversial as their subjects. Feast your eyes on the political pizazz below.


Creative collective INDECLINE specializes in audacious art. And if you need any proof, look no further than the naked statues of Trump that the collective made and then peppered around busy areas in cities across the U.S. Oh, and did we mention that the incredibly realistic statues were entirely devoid of any, ahem, testicles? Fittingly titled “The Emperor Has No Balls,” this insane artistic move was, unsurprisingly, a hit among passersby in Los Angeles, Seattle, Cleveland, New York, and San Francisco. and a huge political statement.


Lithuania-based artist BONANU, formally known as Mindaugas Bonanu, left scores of pedestrians doing double-takes with his Trump-themed mural in Vilnius. Everyone knows Trump and Putin have been chummy for the greater part of this election, and so BONANU just made the inevitable come to life a bit sooner than we had all expected—that is, a Trump-Putin tryst. The steamy mural depicts the two likeminded politicians locking lips. We’re sure it angered a few, but to us it seems like an innocent depiction of a match made in heaven (or hell?).


3. Lushsux

With the walls of Melbourne as his canvas, Australian street artist Lushsux has put his aesthetically pleasing, political statements on display for the whole city to see. Most notably, perhaps, is Lushsux’s mural of Hillary Clinton sporting a revealing stars-and-stripes printed swimsuit. Community officials complained about the apparently provocative image, and Lushsux was only permitted to keep the mural on display after swathing Hillary in a burqa. Donning the black garment, the updated Hillary is barely recognizable—save for her characteristic smize. And just in case Lushsux didn’t cause enough controversy with that first piece, he made sure to solidify his place as contentious street artist with another mural that depicts Trump and Clinton mid-smooch, with Hillary’s hand affectionately embracing Donald’s orange cheek. We can’t be absolutely certain, but we’re fairly sure this is grounds for Hillary to sue.


4. Deborah Kass

Brooklyn artist Deborah Kass revived Warhol’s signature pop art-style screen prints in this politically charged work. which is inspired by Featuring Donald Trump, mid-scream, the piece is inspired by Warhol’s 1972 piece entitled “Vote McGovern” and reads “Vote Hillary.”



TABBY is the Austrian street artist who bestowed the world with the glorious “Donald Tramp.” We know Donald’s wife Melania can rock a pair of heels, but who would’ve thought Trump would look so dashing in stilettos? And purple, gladiator style, knee-high stilettos no less? Nor is that all; the creative mind has featured Trump in several other hilarious pieces, such as “Donald Trolls,” which consists of several troll dolls who bear a striking resemblance to Trump and with “Don’t feed the trolls” written in an ominous red hovering above.


Images via the Huffington Post, Tabby, Chicago Fashion Blogs, and Feminist Current.

Stay tuned to Milk for more of our favorite political art. 

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