We really hope Trump doesn't have a foot fetish.



5 Celebrity Hairstyles To Wear On Your Feet

We don’t want to think about Trump anymore. We’re sick of him. But unfortunately, he’s so deep-seated in the public consciousness that we can’t help but think of him in relation to everything. We see his sweaty face when we shop for potatoes at the supermarket, we hear his voice when we come across two sick dogs fighting each other.

And we see his hairdo in these Gucci Fall/Winter ’15 slippers.


While being dragged across the floor is perhaps the best context in which we can imagine Trump’s hair to be, there are countless other celebrities whose hair we would rather wear on our feet. Here are just a few.

Liza Minelli

It’s not so much that these shoes look like Liza’s hair, but rather that her hair looks like a delightful tuft of black feathers, with which we would be simply honored to adorn our feet. These Jeffrey Campbell sandals are sharp and sleek, and have old-timey elegance, much like Ms. Minelli herself. 

Although Lucille 2 probably couldn’t walk in those.

Kingston Rossdale

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Kingston Rossdale. As in, Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani‘s son? Anyone? We would honestly be hard-pressed to find a more stylish 9-year-old on the planet. This boy has glitter in his blood. And it makes sense, then, that his footwear doppelgänger would be a YSL pump.

Kingston YSL
I see shredding in his future.

The Snowths

These Marques’Almeida sneakers aren’t just funky fresh in their own right—they’re also a nod to the most obscure muppets ever, and our personal favorites, the Snowths. Don’t quite remember who they were? Just listen to this song and wait for it all to come flooding back to you. It’s the perfect soundtrack for when you walk down the hallways of your old middle school, chewing bubblegum and kicking around a soccer ball with your new Marques’Almeida sneakers.

BeFunky Collage 6
Mahna, mahna!

Young Larry David

Okay, so we wouldn’t actually want to wear these shoes, but the message behind them is commendable. Created by artist Zhu Tian in 2014, these flesh-toned pumps are decorated with real human hair, and designed to highlight the increased sexualization of women and their shoes. Also, we love Larry David. He made it socially acceptable to be rude!

Larry David
Remember the ‘Curb’ episode when Larry got a pube stuck in his throat?

Stay tuned to Milk for more humanized footwear.

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