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5 Collage Artists Making IG a More Beautiful Place

The reign of the selfie might not last as long as we thought: it seems that these days, the insta likes have moved over en mass to the collage business, and via humor we all crave (thanks, election season) and aesthetically-pleasing images that arguably have no equal, these artists stand alone as uniquely creative in a world of Internet lookalikes.

Forget the crafts you made in first grade; these collages are the digitally-created masterpieces. Peep the five accounts below that’ll get your own creative juices pumping in no time.

Johnny Smith

Texas native Johnny Smith balances his writing, directing, and acting with a serious penchant for what he calls “image manipulation.” As a comedy devotee, his work is meant to spread the love and laughter via Instagram and beyond (and Lord knows we need it).

#imagemanipulation #digitalart

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Sammy Slabbinck

Belgian artist Sammy has honed his mastery in not one category, but two: both digitally-rendered collages as well as handmade prints. His knack for memorable design is not lost in translation (rather, it’s far from it), and neither is his humor, which often informs his work. #freethenipple, anyone?

Censored #collage#art#illustration#model#freethenipple

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Mariano Peccinetti

Psychedelic vibes and sci-fi wonderlands dominate Mariano Peccinetti’s IG profile, which practically springs from the page (or rather, screen) in rainbow fashion. An Argentina native, Mariano is a collage artist as well as a music producer—if his music is anything like his visual art, it practically goes without saying: we’re all ears.

Merve Özaslan

Ceramicist Merve Özaslan is in the business of creating, far beyond her collage creations: in addition, she’s also the founder of ceramic jewelry brand “Choke Jungle” and can be seen in British Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire. Where collages are concerned, her vision for combining black and white archival imagery with new, colorful scenes is one we can get behind, hands down.


A photo posted by Merve Ozaslan (@merveozaslan) on

Marcelo Monreal

Marcelo’s work is largely informed by a simple yet powerful statement: you never truly know someone; they keep parts of themselves hidden. His visual expression of this idea is obvious: cracked faces, overflowing with parts that were previously invisible, reveal small portions of a hidden greater whole. Here’s hoping this artist continues to divulge his genius, on IG and elsewhere.

Featured image via Sammy Slabbinck

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