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5 Cute AF Color-Coordinated IG Accounts

The struggle of confining one’s Instagram to a specific “theme” is truly the epitome of a millennial’s first world problem, digitized. Nonetheless, we fucking love the beauty of a feed that’s been honed to pastel perfection, and even better if it’s pink (because why not?). Below, five accounts that are slaying the color-coordinated game, one pink-hued ‘gram at a time. Read it and weep (and then get off the internet and peep our activist roundup, if you’re really ready to earn your stripes). Without further ado:

Mayan Toledano 

tb summer w my @myaforlife ☁️☀️🔥rainbow hair by @akiz_akiz @shizenbrooklyn 💞

A post shared by Mayan Toledano (@thisismayan) on

Get ready to get lost in Mayan Toledano’s pastel dreamscape. The Israel-born, NYC-based photographer has an aesthetic that’s sweet, honest, and equally tough. As one half of It’s Me and You (only our fave feminist undies, nbd), it should come as no surprise that her images celebrate intimate portraits of killer women and the female form.

Arvida Byström

Hope u all are getting ur peach posters!! Here is cutest @salemmitchell's hand #🍑

A post shared by arvida byström (@arvidabystrom) on

Arvida Byström is a photographer based out of London, Stockholm, and LA, shooting for the likes of Vice, Nasty Gal, and Rookie Mag (just to name a few). She follows a strict theme of pink and pastels, pushing the envelope when it comes to what she posts on Instagram. She even created a book with fellow IG queen Molly Soda, titled Pics or it Didn’t Happen, filled with images that were removed from Instagram for violation of its “Community Guidelines.” Just peachy.

Jess Audrey Lynn

fall back n relaxxx #3d #cgi (old) something i made 4 @tonyechandy

A post shared by Jess Audrey (@jessaudreylynn) on

Jess Audrey Lynn is a 3D concept artist as well as a music producer. Her visuals reflect the electronic influence in her tunes: out-of-this-world neons live alongside psychedelic pastels for a truly cosmic, new-age vibe that slays. She uses straight up weird computer-animated people, plus regular ass everyday objects, to create a bizarre world. The best part? Each art design coordinates with one of her songs, and every purchase of her album comes with a poster of her artwork for full artistic immersion.

Juno Calypso

A post shared by Juno Calypso (@junocalypso) on

Juno Calypso started off by taking pictures of herself as fictional character “Joyce”, finally dropped that shit online, and,(shocker!), the internet loved it. Her latest series, titled “The Honeymoon” finds Joyce in each room of a honeymoon suite, spending solitary moments of seduction while totally absorbed by her own reflection. This is self love on a whole new, pastel pink-themed level, and we’re so down (you should be, too).

Amy Louise

she is so Dramatic… i dont know her

A post shared by amy (@ilovebrucewillis) on

Amy Louise pairs her super sexy content with pastel-themed portraits for a marriage of subtle and sexy that is perfect in all the best, weirdest of ways. As a Sydney-based visual artist and photographer, Louise dabbles in many mediums of art, bringing people into her digital space for a trip that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Stay tuned to Milk for more pastel-themed Internet culture.

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