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5 Designers Who Stole the Show at PFW

Paris Fashion Week saw some audaciously out-of-the-box designs, designs that could hardly be called commonplace. Creativity—and, most likely croissants—was at its best and so were the themes, runways, and art of demonstration. The week also saw many new, emerging designers with extreme panache. Here are five of our favorites: 


This season, Chanel doled out some of their characteristic designs (re: tweed suits), and ushered in some new ones. In a word, they were incredibly futuristic—VR headsets that made the girls look like like Mars’ elite. Matched with negligees and trendy lacy trims, the looks were exactly how we’d like to show up to our made for a dream   All the same, to keep the past alive there was a hint of the 90’s spirit.



Kenzo killed it as usual—and this time, they did it by lining up their models like live statues, each one completely nude, and doused in a different color. As one does. The whole setup—which also featured some pretty puffed-up sleeves, black and white two-toned coats, and high-end sportswear—was apparently an attempt to promote the concept of universal human relationships. That, regardless of color, race, gender, or sexuality, we can always find a way to coexist. His designs varied from puffed up sleeves to differently cut patterns.

http://www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/gallery/22880/0/kenzo-ss17 Evan Schreiber


For his SS17 collection, Simon Porte Jacquemus’ tweaked and twisted some of the elements that figured most prominently in ’80s Parisian haute couture. In case you don’t know what that includes—and let us just say, quelle horreur—it’s mismatched proportions and peasant-looking details like puffed shoulders, structural sleeves, and Amish-looking dresses. All in all, not the easiest to wear, but finely executed and certainly one for the books. 


Miu Miu

For Miu Miu‘s SS17 collection, Miuccia Prada took inspiration from your grandma’s days at the pool, when women were encouraged to wear high-waisted bikinis and swim caps at all times. But that wasn’t all; there were also diaphanous gowns that resembled nighties, actual (though entirely unusable) flower-appliquéd swim caps, and a host of vibrant and graphic prints that wreaked of The Wonder Years (it smells lovely, by the way). Thought-provoking as always, the collection, in true Miuccia fashion, did not disappoint. 


Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent‘s SS17 collection, despite being Anthony Vaccarrello‘s first for the brand, was at once seductive and show-stopping. In an act of commendable defiance, Vaccarello reclaimed the “Yves” with a slew of chic, logo-driven designs, in addition to lots of leather, more structured sleeves, sleek black suits, and of course, nipple jewelry.  In other words, Vaccarello at his best.


Images via Dazed and Vogue.

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